Organic Sector invited to submit requests for modifications to the Canadian Organic Standards (COS)

The Review of the COS is underway, and it is exhaustive: all sections of the organic standards have to be revised. The review exercise will take

2 years, and the objective is to publish the fully revised standard in 2015.

After holding their first meeting to address issues already listed on the permanent work list, the members of the Technical Committee and the Conveners of the Working groups, who areresponsible for the review of thestandard, are ready to hear the sector’s concerns about the Canadian standard.

Requests for modifications to the COS can be justified by the following:

  1. The meaning of a paragraph is vague and the wording open to several valid but conflictingThe intent of the paragraph needs to be clarified and the language changed to spell out what is intended.
  2. Different paragraphs seem to conflict and lead to different conclusions.
  3. The industry has evolved, such that something that had been includedis no longer relevant or something has emerged that was not envisioned earlier but now needs to be regulated.
  4. The requirement for compliance is grossly inconsistent with what is required in the USA or EU, creating an unfair competitive environment.

Before submitting your request, please consult the Final Q&As section issued by the Canadian Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC), as these interpretations may provide some clarification. If you are not satisfied with the SIC interpretations, please complete the attached Revision Proposal Form, which can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Please be careful to well describe the modification that you are proposing and provide adequate background information. Without this basic information, your request cannot be considered by the Working Groups or the Technical Committee.


Deadlines:The Canadian General Standards Board can receive requests for modifications at any time. But, we invite you to forward your request before March 31 2014 if you want to insure that it will be addressed under the current review project.


Visit OFC’s website to read more about the COS Review or contact us if you have questions!